Visiting Faculty member| Apr. 2020 - present.

Department of Chemical and Petrochemical Engineering (CPE),

Egypt - Japan University for Science and Technology (E-JUST), Egypt.

Teaching duties:

 Classes for postgraduate students:

·   Lectures of Nanotechnology (1st Grade Master students)

·   Nanomaterials in Chemical Engineering (1st Year Ph.D. students).

·   Academic writing for postgraduates.

·   Communication Skills for postgraduates.

Supervision (Total of 5 students)

Eng. Joshua Anani (MSc. student) “Effective self-healing Coating Materials for Anti-Corrosion Application” graduated on Feb. 2023

Eng. Ndabezinhle Dube (MSc student), “Extraction of bio-based Carbon Materials for a Sustainable Application” graduated on Feb. 2024

Eng. Uko Lydia Chile (MSc student), “Fabrication of Self-healing Material for Metals’ Corrosion" graduated on  Feb. 2024

Eng. Maud Fuko (MSc student), “Modified polymeric membrane fabrication for water distillation” graduated on Feb. 2024

Eng. Mostafa Sayed (Ph.D. student) “Fabrication of Eco-friendly Superhydrophobic Membrane for Distillation” graduation on Sep. 2025

Eng. Ndabezinhle Dube (MSc student). His research point is “Extraction of bio-based Carbon Materials for a Sustainable Application” .

Mr. Wisdom Kwame (MSc student). His research  topic is “Synthesis and evaluation of nanoparticles for application in enhanced oil recovery”  

Eng. Dina Mamdouh (MSc student). Her research  topic is “A Novel Design of a Microreactor and Its Applications in Mass Transfer Operations” 

Assistant Lecturer| Apr. 2012-Sep. 2013 & Sep. 2017- Nov. 2017

 Department of Physics, Faculty of Science

Aswan University, Egypt.


Teaching Assistant (TA)| Apr. 2014-Sep. 2016

 Department of Applied Science for Electronics and Materials (ASEM )

Kyushu University, Japan


Teaching Assistant| Aug. 2008- Apr. 2012

 Department of Physics, Faculty of Science, South Valley University/Aswan branch, Egypt.


Teach the experimental physics for undergraduate students, as follows: