Year 2023

JUNE: Official visit to E-JUST, Egypt 

From 3rd to 21st June, Prof. Yoshitake and Dr. Abdelrahman had an official visit to E-JUST, Egypt, supported by JICA. During the visit, we joined different meetings and student seminars and surveyed the project's progress.

Tour at the UG and PG labs of the CPE Dept.

Wrap-up meeting with Professors of CPE Dept.

Meeting with Prof. Mokhtar, Dean of Institute of Basic Applied Science (BAS)

Visit Graphene Center for Excellence 

The Citadel of Qaitbay

Alexandria Bibliotheca

Grant Accepted: Qatar-Japan Research Collaboration (QJRC 2)

🎉 I am thrilled to share that our Qatar-Japan Research Collaboration (QJRC 2) application has been accepted! 🚀

In this project, we are establishing a research team from both sides: the Interdisciplinary Graduate School of Engineering Sciences (IGSES), Kyushu University (KU ), and the Dept. of Chemistry at Qatar University (QU). The most exciting thing is that I'll work as a PI (KU side) with my colleague/close friend Dr. Yasser Hassan from QU.

We had the kick-off meeting on 7th June

JANUARY: Official visit to E-JUST, Egypt 

From 22nd Jan. to 18th Feb.  I had an official visit to E-JUST, Egypt, supported by JICA.

 During the visit, I could follow up with PG students, gave lectures in nanotechnology, and survey the project's progress.

Promotion: Associate Professor of Material Sciences

I am delighted to announce that I have been promoted to the position of Associate Professor of Materials Science after the Promotion Committee in Egypt approved my application on January 26th.

According to the regulations set by the Egyptian government, a faculty member can apply for promotion to the position of Associate Professor only after completing at least 5 years from the award of their Ph.D. degree, and upon passing the screening of their research achievements, and defending their research activities in front of the Promotion Committee.

I submitted my application for promotion in July 2022 and presented my research achievements on January 26th at Cairo University, Egypt.

Promotion: Appointed Associate Professor at EJUST Center, Kyushu University

At its meeting of 26 Dec. 2022, the EJUST Center board approved my promotion to Appointed Associate Professor (non-tenure) effective from 1st January 2023 at the Education Support Department, EJUST center of Kyushu University, Japan.

Year 2022

Official visit to E-JUST, Egypt (18th Oct. - 8th Nov.)